Support Manga Artists with Blockchain Technology

MangaCoin is born from the largest message board in Japan, MangaCoin is the clone of Monacoin, and the goal is to support Manga artists.

What is MangaCoin?

MangaCoin is the clone of Monacoin born from the largest message board in Japan, 5ch. Our new Manga-crowdfunding system is called "CrowdManging" which is the focus of our project. Due to the cryptocurrency's characteristics, it has a lot of advantages such as "ease of registration" and "check the goals of the Manga artists you support." It's a really unique cryptocurrency concentrating on crodwfunding for "niche areas". The word "Manga" makes our cryptocurrency approachable for people not only in Japan, but around the world. We hope that MangaCoin will archieve widespread use by Manga artists as well as Manga readers.

Token NameMangaCoin
Total Supply50Billion (Premine:35 Billion + PoW:15 Billion)
PoW algorithmLyra2REv2
Difficulty adjustment algorithmDarkGravityWave
MangaCoin is the clone of Monacoin. Segwit will be effective one month after building the blockchain of main net. (Because it does not become valid unless there is an agreement period which is the mechanism of BIP 9)
※Mining information
·Halving:700979 Blocks(2 years and 2 hours)
·Initial remuneration: 10714 MANGA
·Block generation time: 1.5 minutes
·Initial compensation 0 period: up to 1920 blocks
By setting the initial compensation period 0, we decided not to monopolize the minor remuneration of the initial block.


The manga artist publishes a project
The manga artist releases the details of the project and the target amount needed for the funding. After these details have been released, they will ask the community for funding. The artist will explain the concept and idea of their Manga, and in return they will offer gifts to those who contributed.
You can support manga artists with MangaCoin.
If you find a project/Manga artist you like, you can support it/them by donating MangaCoin. After the project is achieved, you can get a return gift the artist decides.
After the funding goals are met the manga artists begin their project.
Manga artists work hard with the funding provided. After completing the project, they publish it. Sometimes they can even ask you for ideas, and your idea can even be adopted. So you even have the possibility to make Manga together!
Manga artists post Manga and give gifts in return.
After the manga artist finishes their Manga project,they will publish it and in return they will offer gifts to those who contributed.

Why do we use cryptocurrency?

You can join Manging easily
Manga artists and readers can join Crowd Manging immediately as soon as they have a MangaCoin wallet address. MangaCoin addresses can be created by anyone easily.
Everyone can check the flow of transactions
The transaction history of all MangaCoins are stored on the blockchain and it allows you to check the details of your fundings.
You can support your favorite Manga artist
The time period up until publishing for Manga artists is really tough financially, and sometimes if they don't get enough funding, a project can be scrapped. However you can support them by donating and funding their projects. Even if the target is not reached, your donations will still go directly to the Manga artist.
To protect artists from illegal uploads
Your donation and funding will be given to the Manga artists immediately. So with this system we will minimize damages caused by illegal uploads and downloads of manga and the artists' works. We also have volunteers that support activities such as reporting and deletion of illegal distribution of Manga works on piracy sites.


Our ultimate goal is to "popularize MangaCoin all over the world". This goal sounds impossible at first sight, though with our hard work and strong community, we will make this possibility a reality. There is no widespread cryptocurrency that covers the entire world. We will make steady progress in order to be pioneer in the Manga and Japanese artist industry.

  • Issue MangaCoin
  • Open official Discord and official Twitter account
  • Conduct Airdrop in 5ch and Discord
  • Create Whitepaper
  • Perform MangaCoin official character contest
  • Publish official website
  • Start closed beta test of CrowdManging
2018.06 - 2018.07
  • Raise funds for listing on an Exchange mainly by donation
  • Issue own cryptocurrency, or new MangaCoin
  • Start swapping old MangaCoin for new MangaCoin
  • List on overseas exchanges
2018 Summer
  • Publish CrowdManging to manga artists / readers
  • Perform various events of CrowdManging
  • Research and development of new functions of new MangaCoin and CrowdManging
2018 Autumn
  • Start a subscription service
  • Issue an original magazine
  • Financial assistance for an organization that consists of members who are monitoring pirated goods
  • Volunteer activities concerning various creators
  • Business partnerships and working with publishers
  • Partnerships with overseas cryptocurrency, token, and relevent companies


Kenji Hori

Kenji Hori





Operation staff

Manga Coin Life



For the sake of smooth communications between manga artists and readers, and to enhance MangaCoin's value, our community is essential. In our Discord community, we are offering unique roles in the channel to winners of contests we will host. Members can participate in various contests to win these roles as well as winning gifts or prizes from the MangaCoin team. Throughout these activities, we are hoping to become a wonderful community in the world of Manga enthusiasts.